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Friday 27 April 2012

App i ffôn android App for android phones

Mae BirdTrack wedi lansio ap newydd i ffôn symudol android. Mi fedrwch roi eich cofnodion i mewn i BirdTrack yn fyw o’r maes. Os rydych am gymryd rhan yn agoriad Llwybr Arfordir Cymru ar Sadwrn 5ed, cofiwch roi eich cofnodion y mewn i BirdTrack i ni gael gweld y wledd o adar ar arfordir Cymru. Maer app ar gael yn

BirdTrack has now launched a new app for android Phones. You can now enter you sightings live from the field.  If you are taking part in the Welsh Coastal Path event on Saturday 5th May, remember to BirdTrack your sightings, and we can see what wonderful birdlife there is on the welsh coast.  App available at


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