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Tuesday 28 November 2017

New student ambassadors on the team

We have had for the past few years had a volunteer BTO Student Ambassador at 4 of the major Welsh universities. All have been keen birders and have helped fulfilled my vision of giving students a taste of BTO Survey work, by organising talks, demonstrations, visiting student fairs etc. When I get contacted by now employed graduates who now wish to engage professionally with the BTO, I think success.

Whilst Emma Cole continues to do a sterling job at Swansea, This year we have two new ambassadors.

At Cardiff Talek Renals.

"I’ve had an keen interest in most aspects of ecology from an early age; but in relation to birds I would say that I gained most of my ornithological experience when I was on placement last year. I was working for an ecological consultancy called AECOM where I was fortunate enough to participate in CBC’s, transect surveys and a few weeks studying whooper swans in Northern Ireland

At Aberystwyth Angus Barnett

"For me the addiction to birdwatching didn’t truly spark till I started a countryside management course at the age of 16. I was captivated by the birdlife in the broads and along the Norfolk coastline where I grew up. Since graduating from my diploma I have gone on to become a bird ringing trainee, an undergraduate in countryside conservation and president of the nature society here in Aberystwyth. Although still toying with the idea, I would like to set up my own wildlife touring business when I finish university so I can share the natural world I love with others."

I look forwards to working with them both to promote the BTO and encourage students to participate in some of our surveys.

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