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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Best BBS view in Wales

This morning I took advantage of a break from the wet and windy spell we have had for the past few weeks and went and did my upland BBS square.  Being an upland square and with the seemingly wet late spring I was more than happy to do it later rather than sooner. Now some of these upland squares may not have the sheer volume of birds found on some of the lowland ones but they do make up for it with the odd rather special species and some fantastic scenery.

Now we all carry a camera whether it be a proper one or a phone, so this morning at the beginning of section 8 I took the below shot with my phone.  10 mins either side and it would have been in bright sunshine.

Now I guess that all other BBS volunteers in Wales have similar spectacular views from their squares. So if you have a shot that shows your square and Wales off to it’s best advantage send them in and I’ll put them on the blog. Simple rules all photos must be of or taken from a BBS square in Wales.

The best 5 will be exhibited at the joint WOS conference in November where the audience will be asked to nominate their favorite. I have not sorted a prize yet but I will by them.

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