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Tuesday 22 November 2011

Llangors Ringing Group

The Llangorse Ringing Group organised a successful winter bird fair/ringing demo on Sunday 20th November, with a grant provided by the Powys Environmental Partnership.  Promotion was very local to the “Llangorse catchment” only.  There were displays about Garden Birdwatch, foods and feeding, bird & moth identification, ringing and the proposed new bird hide for the Lake.  Organisations attending included the BTO, RSPB, Brecknock Wildlife Trust, the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority and PC Thomas (Wildlife Liaison Officer). 

Present and former Group members gathered for a 30th Anniversary bbq” by Jeremy Richards

The Ringing Group was formed in 1978 and have, to date, ringed some 58,000 birds of 102 species - all but a few hundred at the Lake itself.  Our rarest bird was Wales’ first Paddyfield Warbler, caught on 11 Sept 2004, whilst tape luring Blackcap.
As well as the usual ringing activities of Constant Effortringing (one of the longest running sites in the UK), nest box monitoring and training, the group have run many specific projects.  A concerted effort to catch migrant Aquatic Warblers using the area in August, has resulted in just 6 birds, but these represent about one third of all Welsh ringed Aquatic Warblers in the past decade.  The Lake is the most important inland site in Wales for this increasingly rare migrant, on its passage from Polish breeding grounds to West Africa.
The reed beds at Llangors support one of Wales’ largest populations of Reed Warblers, which have been subject to several research projects: migration fuelling, impact of capture and handling, and Cuckoo brood parasitism.  Cuckoos at Llangors (and across the rest of Wales) do not parasite Reed Warblers as they do elsewhere in Britain, making the population an ideal candidate for studying host/cuckoo interactions.
For Further details about the group and their activities, contact group secretary Jerry Lewis at

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