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Thursday 7 July 2016

Something to Look Out For!


One of our birds has been seen at Jacobs Island in Cork Harbour, on the 17th of July.
 Potentially the first Welsh breeding
Curlew seen in Ireland. Now where are the rest?

BTO Cymru in partnership with RSPB Cymru fitted temporary GPS-VHF tags to a small number of breeding Curlew on the north Wales moors. The data provided by the tags has opened a window into how these birds use the whole landscape during the breeding season, and after this success we hope to follow-up with some more research in the future. The tags have now stopped working and have probably already fallen off: and the birds are now leaving the Moors and should be moving down to our coasts to form post-breeding flocks.

You can help us link together summer breeding populations with post-breeding movements and even wintering areas. Each bird was also fitted with a unique colour ring combination, identifying them as individuals. Please look through Curlew flocks wherever you see them, and let us know if you spot a colour-ringed bird (even if you don’t get the whole combination: others can help!).

Sightings and especially ring combinations can be reported to RSPB or directly to BTO Cymru office.

BTO Cymru: Tel 01248 383285 or email

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