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Friday 13 May 2016

Blue BS

A wonderful piece copied from the Dyfi Osprey project facebook page. This great story deserves wider circulation.

Our friend Mr. Puw the farmer (looks after the buffalo in the winter for us) came to see us a couple of weeks ago - he had found a decomposing Red Kite in one of his fields in Aberhosan. The thing was - this kite had a Darvic leg ring.

After a bit of investigative work, we've found a bit more out. The kite was ringed as a chick on, wait for it, 8th June 1995!!!
There were only 120 pairs of kite in Wales in 1995 - there are over 1,000 now.
And it's our old friend Tony Cross (very young man back then) who ringed him at his nest in Cwmystwyth over two decades ago. Blue BS was just short of his 21st birthday when he was found and only a few weeks short of being the oldest British kite on record.
One of our egg-protection volunteers, Elfyn Pugh, lives close to Blue BS's nest and has seen him raise numerous offspring over the years. Mr Puw has given the Blue BS Darvic ring to Elfyn, who was quite emotional, understandably. "I wouldn't sell this for it's weight in gold" he said this morning.
Thank you to Mr. Puw, Elfyn and of course Tony for all his ringing work. Amazing story, amazing bird.
 Thanks to the Montgomery Wildlife Trust, Dyfi Osprey project for the story, and to second their thanks to Tony for what has been close to a life time of working with Red Kites in Wales

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